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General is full of interest. When he made the celebrated charge
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irregular, with ill-formed, widely separated lines, and often with a dis-
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nursing, in order to keep the child at absolute rest, and to note and
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be cerebro-spinal meningitis, especially in view of the fact that in some
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stomach, but, with the exception of sarcoma, usually give rise to little or
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but may be suspected when, without localizing symptoms, the general
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antecedent pelvic peritonitis, whether mild or severe, and there is a
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Congo paper, which is prepared by soaking absorbent paper in a watery
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more complete obstruction. The variation in color is likewise dependent
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require some skill in their administration. Both inunctions and hypo-
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of them suflTered from an attack. Are these facts consistent with
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contain enormous numbers. They vary in size from that of a pin's head
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bral syphilis in which not more than five or ten grains a day of the
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grains) in two quarts of water. We have never seen any constitutional
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greater tendency to be purpuric than in the ordinary disease. The hem-
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the gums, as well as of the tendency to ulceration of the soft tissues, to
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fibrosis. Although at present there exists a considerable difference of
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all cases of headache and digestive disturbance of obscure origin, and
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characterized by an enlargement of one end, due to the presence of a
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moderately strong current sometimes relieves the numbness of tabes.
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ceptibility of the mucous membranes of the lung to catarrhal inflamma-
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within thirty hours, with in the male enormously swollen suppurating
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and nutrition. The nature of those cases in which it has been alleged
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extend to the tendons and adjacent portions of the parietal endocardium.
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seven hours after Leube's meal. The impaired motility is also to be
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In severe cases there are rapid pulse, general adynamia, and even noctur-
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serious, immovable, usually with a somewhat apathetic expression of
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issue was to determine the legal evidence of life in an infant. Dr.

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