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The capillary and areolar circulation are the most important to

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shortness of breath, nervousness, perhaps palpitations of

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pigment in the blood, and he held that they had come there from the

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Jones, David R., MD; Gerald G. Tanguilig, MSII; and Geoffrey M.

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many of the affected tissues in gout, that one change is common to them

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their own interests. Our newspaper press is public-spirited

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fifty days increased in weight from 45 kilos to 60 kilos, the

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the cervix as far as to the vaginal junction. After this

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morbid secretion. Very commonly, however, instead of acids,

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eyes, but a lengthening of the face owing to the muscles becoming relaxed.

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derompositi(m of fat. This state will pass away under

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Hhortly l)y ai» i-riiption «)f huilin on ihi' frniit ol" tin- chest ; this

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of an angina which occurred a few weeks ago and disaj^peared in six

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wards of this hospital for prolapsus ofthe uterus, under the care of Mr.

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ficial situation, and diflfering in its papillioma-

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third he will see that assimilation is imperfect and

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since the urine cleared up upon sufficient addition of

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of only five hours !), and the presence of arsenious acid in the body

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cure for epithelioma, rodent ulcer, euperficial caTcinoma and Buperficial sar-

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with a transverse branch passing above the patella. It is now

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and indeed Great Britain and Ireland may be regarded as its head-

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Davis, Jas. W., Statesville; Univ. of Pa., 1913; U.N.C 1913 1915

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eailier than they would otherwise have done,' for life in

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and vomiting, and from this point it extended over the abdo-

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dotted line indicates the fluid output. The solid straight line indicates the

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the chief sources of disease, and give great aid to recovery, for it is not

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the profession, that which would otherwise be diffused, and inaccessible.

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tory hypothesis in explanation of the fact that the orders of our will act otherwise on

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though he gave to climate the very highest position as regards

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on the left side of the upper rings of the trachea. The hint

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with the healing of wounds, such as defective apposition, excessive

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FOREWORD: These papers were presented at the Third Annual Scientific Session of

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in which he is experienced and in which he believes.

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lighter air out, thus effecting a certain amount of ventilation.

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tions of disease and the therapeutic measures which have resulted in the greatest success.

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that morning, was lying across the pile, with the top of its

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a certain temporary relief, on the other hand the vari-

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We do not wanl to prosecute people; we have to bring pressure to

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