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derived from the nature of the office each function fulfils, and
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the swelling and discoloration had increased ; the dis-
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was formerly marshy, and where ague was once largely prevalent, the
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prietor of such a preparation is liable .to damages for in-
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an opportunity offered, and retired. The husband naturally de-
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abdominal hysterectomy for fibroids when the cervix is not involved,
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acute affection of the optic nerve. All of the recorded changes
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special Interest, prompt Intelligence <>r local mat-
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acter of the fever and its protracted course with intervals of apyrexia,
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not discharged cuicmI, I'or in a case of such severity and
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forms of all three elements, which may occur in greatly avigmented
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moisture. Hence — and how natural — ^the parched mouth and dry
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the two thus alternating may be kept in motion, without the slightest fatigue, for
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advises an ointment of Belladonna and Mercury, and if the pain is
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tent, and entirely unworthy to become members of the medical profes-
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were evidences in this direction. Much of their knowl-
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feeble. Pain over the liver was constant, ■with .the point of
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used by Mr. Jones — namely, an anterior oval flap, the extremities
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variety of ulcer. Granting, however, that in these two
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presmre exercised upon them ? Instead of this cumbersome, uncomfortable, and
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and excited when roused ; respiration 24, pulse 110 ; is pale. Passed urine
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and dusted with dermatol, the suppuration ceased, the
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dropped out of the mouth. These masses are called bezoars,
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pation for man ; that the accumulation of great masses of the
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The mortality in confined streets, small alleys, and
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of manganese, when undergoing solution in hydrochloric acid, evolves
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these cases the spinal lesion is not severe, and voluntary
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protective care of nature. To protect the eye while we sleep, nature, as
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of syphilis notably, have a positive diagnostic value
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tract in the cord was the cause of the tissue lesions in gout. Although he
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difficulties. Dr. Martyn and others had given cases
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portant to observe in such a case, whether the patient com-
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■U..11- t,,r .niv M,tr,-;.,I .,1 timr. thi. ,. nin.t ^AuMr itilurn, „i,m. A .,..:.-
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ledgeable about the patient’s lifestyle, fears and
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vided with tables for reading and writing. Connected
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five per cent.). M. S. .Shake well before using. The
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in the chimpanzee, Anthropojrithecus troglodytes (6m.).
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with Man, and trapped in the towns, villages and Nile

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