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opiate exhibited within twelve or twenty four hours. Watson s
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sion are lax in regard to one contagious disease they will be
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of polynuclear leukocytes in infectious pleuritis is subject to least varia
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inflammatory changes occupying but a small portion of the hepatic
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In order to prevent the frequent and trouMesome mistake of addressing communi
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presence. If we may counsel that our minds shall come to
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of the bile iuto the stomach sometimes observed with food that is
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data from the various colonies of Great Britain demand
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instituted other experiments in which he found that absorption
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able in tlie young patient. The child drops his head down on the
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fevers in Galveston and yellow fever epidemics with annual
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extending to within two inches of the umbilicus is occupied by
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report this to the Health Board. We must understand that we
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treated. Patience firmness and tact in the physician are most
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of various medicines in this obscure complaint during an epidemic
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of performing the Operation that is by thrufting the Couch
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Health a State Board of Health local boards of health
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that the first case was a very acute one with remittent
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inoculated. per cent of the offspring were still born
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It was proposed and resolved that Drs. Lachapelle Brophy
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from this sac or tumor which we found at the time of labor
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return the intestine into . Votum and testicle as close to the
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called attention particularly to the instability of the blood
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the habit of giving the baby paregoric while it was under
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knees returning again to its former abode. Gave magnesia
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On the other hand. Case cannot be reconciled with the exclusively
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Mr. Jonathan Hutchins section of this monogram is really
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She was told not to syringe and on the th there was no
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and the pleural cavity contained a smaller quantity.
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deliberate than they should be. Mimic and pantomimic movements may
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opinions now generally held of the danger to the whole
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On the subject proposed for the Jewett Prize the Committee have
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solidating his influence. The common self interest of
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heretofore considered by authors as essential or idiopathic do arise

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