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which some authorities say should be judged of in relation to

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great number of fine tendinous threads, which are connected

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The schools of this county during the year ending June 30,

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size without thickening of the edges, and in some places the ulceration did not

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is done by plugging the anterior nares (alone or with

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* Details of GifRn's modification of the method of performing the test on the

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afterward with a stump so markedly conical that the bone protruded

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(Rosson CL, Tolle SW: Management of marine stings and scrapes. West J Med 1989 Jan; 150:97-100)

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Dr. Risdon Bennett : It is, perhaps, not suflicien'Iy ex-

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a great help. Lack of conveniences for keeping the books, as

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be used in the early spring in order to imf)ede most effectually the

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patient was extremely anxious to give it a trial the

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April 15, 1863 (politely sent to me by the publisher), has an article on

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cedents of urea resulting; and the other, that the proteid material

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lens. Any one with the least ingenuity can manage this. By far

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by which the infection reached the water supply. The following ac-

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five days, 0.5 quinin, and remained apyretic until he returned to Ger-

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March 27, 1865, with left direct inguinal hernia. He was

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about ten months of age, but they need not be considered for

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qui r6gissent I'extension continue appliqufeau membre in-

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tion unnecessary." Fatal cases are reported as follows by the

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est degree; though they may the lungs themselves in a certain

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tient not to be in a hurry to undergo paracentesis.

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provincial members. Mr. George Brown quoted fignres

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tion causes such bowel contractions, cramps, and con-

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is a less important element than it is in the tubular

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When 24 years of age (9 years ago) he fell from a roof,

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Mr. W. W. Hodgson, chairman of the Board of Education, does

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nexion, the right end adhering very closely to tho duodenum.

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season were over before that of flies, and both were needed to account for the

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enlarged blood-vessels, and that some thickening or

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veillance. Dr. Palmer has pretty thoroughly demonstrated the inade-

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