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in the belly eats and drinks greedily the oats pass

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hj pertrophy and general atheroma I have not found the same

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repeated till an effect is produced the medical man himself remain

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cent of the total numl er of cases eciuivalent to death in. cases.

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ceps may now be introduced through the wound and the

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after one hundred and eighty six days in sputum dried at

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gave them lemon juice in addition because we have such great

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Student Council and Joseph Hadjelhi was elected representative on the

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of medicine under Dr. Knight of Lakeville entered Yale

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tude of about feet. A fine mountain stream filled with

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and Biographical Society and was a member of the In

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If such is the pathology of pneumonia what shall be done with an

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massive and evenly firm on palpation. In distinction to the two

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protection afforded by the virus of cow pox when in the

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elastic feel. Ordered poultices for the arm and five grain doses

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small part of the blood in the pulmonary artery is con

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his purpose and reconciled him to longer companionship with

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the dead bone in the meantime the patient can attend to his

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that he had not vomited. His extremities were cold

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not more constitutional disturbance than ought to result from

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upon the normal circulation as a stimidation of the cardio inhibitory

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A variable amount of saline solution was used for making the final suspensions

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fifty to sixty per cent alcohol the color will be destroyed.

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exhibited the cystqlith. The bladder was then stitched and the

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lesion and found dysarthria absent in ten. In general then the

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anatomy a stability and permanence of character which being

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