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being trotted out the lameness is observed to be increased.
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Let us now consider the specific cases. The first is that of a
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deleterious articles of diet the strong and the healthy suffer com
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tinct types viz tuberculous and anesthetic with a mixed type
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very obstinate cough. Where this cough comes on along with the
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in the grades to follow. The educational process is multi
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able to these causes. The class of digestive disi ases which
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The dyspepsia may indeed be a neurosis. Thus night terrors in cases
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May I suggest ways by which tuberculosis may be stamped out
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ing pressure was exerted the manipulation done in an
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has not been sufficiently studied under similar experimental conditions.
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would not sanction an order for eggs unless he saw the
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A plea for the use of electricity in labor. Northwest. Lan
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sponsibility for training of family practice residents
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hol of per cent. The dose will vary from the fraction of
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head to the open air from which it evidently obtains relief. The bowels
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pain connected with the affection and the patient complained only
Denmark. At the present time only the so called allopaths or regulars the
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talis but as it is now generally acceded that this remedy is
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constituents and their calories but also in regard to their digestibility
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its internal irritability or its irritability to other forms of
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able in my opinion lest retention of some of the solution take place
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edge of the waters I reluctantly assented to the pre
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lodgment and development of the tubercle bacillus. In this
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The suggested bill seems to provide for all that is at
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complaint but no more. There is hence a parallel be
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in the autumn than at any other season this Leuckart connects with
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field of anatomical observation for among others Pirogoff had

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