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it was Voted To honorably dismiss Dr. Ruggles Carpenter
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The forthcoming campaig n bids fair to be one of the most
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ent medicines but not a word is said about the druggist who
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Thyroid gland shows marked changes. These take the form of a
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taking place in from two to six or eight days. In some
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region are drained through the right loin in the way indicated.
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that of enfeebled health with recurring losses and gains
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Puerperal Insanity. In reviewing the etiological factors concerned
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The medical department of the university I attended
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Pyrexia of uncertain origin suspected to be paratyphoids
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though elsewhere a considerable quantity of frothy or sanguinolent
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of syphilis have been reported in practically every organ. Lack of space
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as that occupied by medicine and surgery. One of the New York
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anrl Stokes it seems ever since the days of Cullen to have maintained
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Student Council and Joseph Hadjelhi was elected representative on the
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lar physicians in any country and the results as far as statistics have
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more scientific than any other that has been promulgated inasmuch as
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died within a few days. The other patient had the valve
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treatrnent the patient died of paralysis of the heart due entirely
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necessary that I should say anything respecting iheir application
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poison and for the first time intoxicated him. Five minutes after
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Cuba February a resolution was adopted recommending
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Agriculture we are carrying on a cooperative experiment
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for many children being tuberculous because with their open months
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looseness of the bowels. As already said milk properly diluted is usually
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that it be published as Bulletin No. of the Bureau series. The
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able ravages chiefly along the belts of the Ganges and has probably
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conscious of cardiac failure and anxious for an ad
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over with a cravat and thus avoids the difficult expectoration
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cidentally the other day assures me that a great schism
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stomach and of not inducing total insensibility or unconsciousness.
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creased attention of the philosophic workl at the present
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The bloody expectoration to which attention had been
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be done to alleviate their condition or where they can be cared for
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lation is constantly under the influence of a nearly steady
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constituents namely first isolated ions and molecules and second
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the treatment of the disease in every stage and cannot be too strongly
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tunities for thought and for service. We pray that we may be made
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setts General Hospital. One of the house physicians has died and
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authority the Pictorial History of England or guided by the same

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