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passages. This acute pulmonary edema is also not to be
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Principal MRS WILSON Instructress of Medical Gymnastics
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danger and very often are the immediate cause of death in
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tissues remained well and were chloroformed after weeks. No lesions were
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the desirability of introducing this food stands somewhat as follows.
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tion. In another specimen a fragment of metal is de
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while perfectly superimposable both having their maximum in the
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All workers agree as to the presence of a hormone increasing the
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tion of an approaching rupture of the sac. Stenosis of a bronchus from
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ing this sign of neuritis a considerable palsy will
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Suicide by contused wounds directed against the head are admitted
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of the building could not he proceeded with owing tn
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where he was. At last after persistent calling the dog
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Now and then its diameter becomes very small. These are the
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eighth day after operation I saw this patient about
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sion effected by tb.e apparatus having reduced the fracture only
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gunshot injuries ilhistratod by some excollont X ray photographs
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an Uie other perhaps the bones of the jaw just thickened shghtl
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out groan or struggle her pulse having on the previous day
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alteration of the liver itself which is indeed generally hypertro
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food and medicine. Botanically it bears the name of
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the four Gospels for some authority that would settJe this vital
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converted into what is. termed the proper juice of the plant.
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been inhaled for two minutes. From that time the respiration became

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