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Many facts suggest the relation of the thymus to the other glands of

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gan the use of the filtered toxins. From January st

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ceous Clyfters and the Things above mentioned are proper.

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The general treatment as outlined by the doctor is all that could

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through necessity I discovered the use of steaming to add

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symptoms are characteristic of that hence will hardly be counted

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ture the corresponding imjirovement of his salary should in ever case

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them from the unpleasant action of the lochia and urine. We

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Surgeon and as a man as honest and straight as a man can

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in their character and in the periods necessary for their

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typical example of the value of Professor Lister s mode of treatment in

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duced skin eruption and itching often met with amongst hard

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entity but rather with a special manifestation in many

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includes little detail but apparently the bridegroom

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guards make the use of oysters perfectly safe. Not in

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With reference to Dr. Lee s remark that a patient might die

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sellar lesions where such procedure would be indicated he advises

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Febs Matriculation once tickets of fi ll course practical anatomy once

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and finally painting with iodine produced a glow and

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mals to phenol and leavew the kidneys aa ethereal aulphuric acid.

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from respiratory failure the effect on the isolated frog s heart is not

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From this time all the febrile symptoms decline and disappear

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he was temperamental. A conference between the doctor and employ

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tween the chronic and acute forms in seasonal preference per

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more efficient one is urgently demanded is evidence of almost

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attack of gout they diminish towards morning sub galli cantu as

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he is at liberty to visit her. Any children already born

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protective is made by thoroughly mixing with. parts of col

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therefore well away from traumatic influence. There is a general

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Reference may be made to cases reported by Scheier Meyer and

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coid dislocation that is. with a secondary displacement

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thin smear of what Sir Kniherford calls by the perfectly

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Fig.. Treatment of an infected compound fracture by Carrel Dakin irrigation

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nefs for about two days and pafTed a large quantity of urine

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and the despair of the therapeutist. For example Nothnagel one

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fecretion that they only differ in the one retaining and the

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whatever cause. The kidneys being two glandular organs

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