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The patient was a woman, sixty-six years of age, who had
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trines, now in controversy, in the Institutes ; but we have
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We recently witnessed an operation for this affection by Dr. J.
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contractions, and renders it, during the systole, less hard and resisting?"
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ganese in hematic affections, and says he has frequently proved
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been very great. She was not otherwise injured. To what
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and the disease has lasted over one and a half years, we can
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be urged to try the experiment. . . . The time is ripe when every
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practice of sucking out the effused blood is objection-
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with and still more rarely succeed. Merit is forgotten " and dies amid her
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Journal, was written by a patient of Dr. C. A. Pope, of St. Louis
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pedestal must of course depend. The monument has always been de-
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answer to a specific question — a process confessedly occupying the
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sion. And first, they were not of syphilitic origin ; for the patient
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Toronto, Canada. It goes without the saying that he made an
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gynecologists who by their knives and needles have in very many
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have before said that the Hospitals of this country did not realize
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three years he rose to be assistant adjutant-general. He then retired
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slipped under the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle at
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bears the name of Kraske, as I ventured to point out in a recent
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of all kinds (strychnine, preparations of copper, nitrate of silver,
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this instance the fistula, which was short and superficial, and
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the field is obscured by haemorrhage, it may even be
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The interrupted suture, formed of leaden wire, is not liable to
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attached a crescent-shaped piece of wood, to be padded in the form of
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occur in which it should be the pleasureable duty of every member
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him, in all their possible causes and relations, that whenever and
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and the pains inefficient) of which she took two portions. The
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