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the mitral valve are much more favorable to the occurrence
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be supported. There had been gradual emaciation. There had
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not, however, the sole secretory organs. The whole of the tegu-
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the treatment was carried out. The cases occurred in West Africa.
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the eighth month, llcr last two children reached the full time, but
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though the rheostat and the meter, rather than sensation, should be
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Conclusion: In COPD and respiratory failure requiring
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very frequent cause of rendering the blood too poor for nutri-
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eases considered with reference to their character, situation, and intrinsic
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atmosphere, or carried in clothing and other material substances, or dif-
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are convincing to liis antagonist. .Vnd yet he would
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which Dr. EUiotson has made so many interesting observations. It is
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no relation to the polymorphonuclear neutrophile. To one " brought
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cident occurs. An irritable constitution is one easily
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Other pathologists have ascribed the disease to cerebral irrita-
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milk, which was the contagion-bearer. The cream is said to have
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face a central spool of gutta-percha for the patient to bite
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small formed particles, vellowish-brown in color. Microscopically, much granular
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best, remedy for phthi8i8,'both on account of its nourishing properties and heal-
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salts (notably the hydrochloride) undergo by time, and what is the
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Rhabditis niellyi (Blanchard, 1885) is at present a nominal species
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handy, and authoritative, is supplied by Dr. Bartley in this volume. It is
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has been universally called Typhus in this country and in France ; but the
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leptic, is bad for the other patients in that ward.
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" We have rendered the vessels visible by injecting, at the sug-
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gradually ulcerated, though there was no evidence of [lerfora-
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undvlant type, characterized by exacerbations of temperature at pretty regular
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ing as a frequent symptom in trichinosis. Dr. Libman
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gists long ago held to the idea of ingestion infection from their success-
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products of conception. Then, should the temperature rise over 101 , the
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cutting pain across the chest, through each breast, and

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