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quite probable that in other instances idiopathic muscular cramps are

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formed for it is often 5U''cessful. In regard to diagnosis, it

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tus of the patient, but not such a fluctuation as occurs in ascites. The

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" .Mi.i.;;.jiijr luuJ. WochenscUr., September 20, 1891.

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ber, secretary and treasurer ; Dr. F. Fremont Smith, execu-

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quantity of coagulated blood in longitudinal sinus. Dura mater

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quently between the ages of five and twenty-five years,

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cision fails once in three and a half cases. Partial excision, either for traumatic

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in virulence for the guinea pig. As in yellow fever in man, therefore,

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There are three main groups of steroids conveniently

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to what part of the body, and to whom it is applied, the skin being more de-

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tute grounds for arguments against the library. While the

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years and under, suffering from stone, have come under

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apices associated with a premature ossification of the first rib cartilage,

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liinate. Ulcers must be treated according to their condition,

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tient in general made the impression of one in the hypnotic

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dates 80 that no one may be misled either " for or against "

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and successfully — used remedies in atonic and debilitated conditions.

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Whatever favors the presence and increase of malaria-bear-

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9. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The

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exercises, sitting and lying out-doors, occupation,

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size. The condition is usually bilateral, though unilateral cases have been

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no note of others. His classification according to their

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deaux, 1880-81, X, 347. — Bloom (I. N.) Case of sweat-

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of the vital statistics of California for the la.st two

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condition which is considered to be the cause of the patient's

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say (though that is certainly not everything), is retained in the

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Certain pulmonary symptoms claim attention. Expectorant remedies,

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development. 24 A human case of phlorizin diabetes showed the same

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disease has an antecedent history, vague and indis-

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