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vestigations in reference to the disease of the arteries in syphilis. In Germany Dr. A.

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become affected ; there is salivation also, or in children a vicarious

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Generally speaking, however, the pulse varies much in the latter,

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Cancer of Vertebras.—^ 34 (Luke 320, P.M. 348), admitted with cervico-

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of blood to that part. Next, till the drawer with the

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taken, may become livid : afterwards pallor, weakness, and burning pain

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was always very healthy. The great-grandmother died aged


up as the Subclavian. There was evidently a communication between the

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and right arteries brought back the blood into the anterior part of the right

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Asylum, in 1786, for the reception and treatment of criminal lunatics.

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tion is required differ in various political units. They usually

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broken-winded horse acquires the disease, the latter should be sus-

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that dihplacoment and tension of the long flexor tendon niny,

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mucilage; yet all things considered the elm is the most con-

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of land near to Lichfield, he made a botanic garden

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all were successively tried, but after one month the purulent dis-

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body. In Elzholz's case of haemorrhage there was complete paralysis of

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thigh in after years. A study of these cases seemed to

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where musical and other entertainments and dancing were provided.

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present in quantity, in particular calcium supercarbonate, the

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March 13 — Focus on Hemodialysis Access: Creation, Maintenance and

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patient was obviously ill, in pain, and running a temperature.

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fatal, be thoroughly boiled before using, or else that

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in ordinary cases. If there is elevated temperature the pa-

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shall be imperative for every port, aU State and munici-

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eiiipj'sema., which, in spite -of operation, did not do well, in so far that

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of five grains to the ounce of water, is one of the best. But under carbolic

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least have been biassed with the opinions of others, who

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recorded, where, from the symptoms as given, it is im-

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were accepted as published in the April number of the American

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deep-set root; on the dry plains west of Laramie, August 26, 1895

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B9Sol4)ed^ That we have tlius been deprived of a kind friend and fel-

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serum. As regards Dr. Green's case, in whicli scrap-

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Returning, as I opened the front door of my house the telephone rang

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