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that Ihey arc termed double pains. From meddling or other causes

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These conditions can be easily explained since Wright has shown


I found my patient standing on three legs with the fourth

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that this class of patients are very apt to have rupture

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she became affected by the influenza to which she suc

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tradictory the very best proof for the opinion put forth at the

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tracted treatment and occasionally ending fatally despite it.

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Myopia being the opposite of hypermetropia i. e. a too long eyeball

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occaaionally ulcers may be noted and most commonly in the stomach

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Prop. Karl Braun in his Vienna clinic treats cases of

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tunity of showing radiographs illustrating the cases reported here as well

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he was by his parents contracted in marriage to a beauti

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not the consequence of previous tubercular or that known as

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front indeed it was so thin that in dissecting the tumour from

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peculiar odor was emitted from the patient during his sickness. He had been

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produces the excess of alkaline phosphates or whether

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we have quite a surplus over a working balance. If this can be

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Ear diseases are also separately studied under Dr. Schalle. Here

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cision was therefore made in the median line extending

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of women who constantly demand and deserve our attention on account of

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fact when we first begin to study the figures we get


and parturient apoplexy of cattle. Although neither gamboge nor

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Syphilitic ulcers have an undermined not an infiltrated or nodular edge

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they consisted almost entirely of mucus. The period at which

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employed in the preservation of food products the use of

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so that the pulmonary circulation is interfered with

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mportant role in neural nutrition as did the neurolgia

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inary Medical Society and Secretary Garry T. Stone are very

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and perhaps does not affect more than per cent of the population.

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