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the surrounding structures and in the course of the lymphatics in


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ple Stacke oj ration for the reason that Starke himself found

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treated with caustics without success. The patient was referred to

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ing the ligature around this supposed tumor was its remarkable hardness

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within five years we would have a percentage of actual to

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morning and again at.. Soon after this she became suddenly

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is supported by the fact that all the cases described by Neumann as

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Inuit Health Committee Canadian Peadiatric Society. Can Med Assoc J

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tubercle in the lung. The tendency of syphilis is thus to induce

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toury one sharp pointed curved bistoury one saw one tenaculum one

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one disease for in the same year Bassi discovered that a

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Allow me gentlemen to discuss these different proceedings but in the

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sirous of obtaining in untechnical language the results

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blood corpuscles. There are occasional clumps of micrococci. The

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Crawford Millard H. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Promoted

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been correctly made out in strict accordance with these regulations

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