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amorphous mass. This substance is now classed as a toxalbumin.

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no pain no cough and on auscultating the chest when the effu

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generally incurable. For joint or sinew water burn a

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It is well to remember and this especially as regards families who

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The ground to be covered by the student in this examination

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Although our first efforts in cases of peritonitis should be directed

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sible and culpable in a moral sense can however be readily accounted

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sea coast and inland situations find no more fitting examples

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have been selected to the CouncU on account of their

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deduction was that either Mr Chiene worked in a j urer

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last fall. The loss of Alsop weakens Haverford s team

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fact is a very serious obstacle to its employment in many

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tite and rest the other is dejected eats and rests but

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MARLBOROUGH UNION Medical Officer for the Second District. Salary

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were not more numerous than usual at first and became distinctly

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floor of a house for the purpose of cleaning it fell to the

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activated in the bloodstream to produce profound and desirable effects on

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den at the close of a statistical aiticle illustrated by

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to him and especially as he knew it to be an unauthorized invasion

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every malady hypothetically ascribed to germs from plague to

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In anteversions and anteflexions it appears to me to be the only

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in the flask is then heated to C. for four hours the temperature

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original mass and they have escaped removal in operations.

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Next follows the stage of ulceration which is often preceded by Assuring

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man present this evening has any definite ideas about the

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vas the centenary of the founder of modern surgery who

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pregnant for the second time. She was so situated as to have

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