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curred by violence or there is reason to suspect that the

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so as to close the palpebral fissure reaches and even goes far

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gree of skill adequate to the performance of his un

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The very close association of tuberculosis of the lungs with gastric

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selves characteristic of yellow qvqy should nevertheless be

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The CAUSJ s of acute prostatitis are chiefly specific urethritis trauma

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tary Medicine in the Army Medical School. Parke s Manual of

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for the maintenance only of the animal s original tis

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rect. Such a method of distinguishing between early cancer and other

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ther results they find themselves more prone to take colds to get

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objects of the above mentioned resolution and duly ex

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into his stomach taking care that saliva was excluded.

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Art.. The President of the Section will be responsible for

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When making an engagement to attend a patient the nurse should

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arteries pigmentary retinitis atrophy or deformity of

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eligible as physicians upon the same terms as to qualifica

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genomic studies of spermiogenesis molecular cloning and the characterization of gene networks

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in hemorrhage of the menopause usually a satisfactory

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It is unique in its character. Without demonstration it

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other than tuberculosis twenty to twenty five showed evidences of

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and can give you a more correct statement of it than you caK

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The skin over the bridge was scraped off the right nasal

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and potassium as expressed by the following formula

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does not resemble that of frank pneumonia. The histological lesions are

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dition of ophthalmia neonatorum which led eventually to septicaemia

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ference and a luxury of the rich than a handy book of reference

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action which was present on the two former occasions. The impulse

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lower three fifths the ileum. The duodenum is except when immediately

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Dr. Mouat annual volumes. His own most recent contribu

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delphia. Fifth edition thoroughly revised. One hand


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lesions diphtheria bacilli were always present in the

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the perspective of increasing surgical risk old age

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titioner. Unless we adopt the theory of Hannemann who

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