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elucidating the subject of varicosity. Throughout thesystema

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and left with a diagnosis of advanced typhoid fever almost

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in five out of the eight cases nothing is stated in

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that the spermatozoa came into contact with the ovum

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upon men rendered the opinions of Plato and Socrates sacred con

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not be classed with ether on account of the anesthesia being of

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worse went into collapse and was dead within five hours.

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coveries in regard to the pathology of Hodgkin s disease

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ant familiar with his methods of work. Moreover I did

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exercises in such cases. Dr. Thorne adopts the view that

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and NIST is pending on this analytical tool. The DTSA is available

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is now chiefly remembered as the uncle of Astley Cooper who

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described by naturalists. All this was introductory to speaking

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tion with every claim to the respect and gratitude of his

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mended by G. Critchett has not met with much favor on

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ij propriety of dividing the Association into sections

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had a very short and vascular pedicle which held it in

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abdomen but this was not complete or nearly complete in the arms and

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between you and your professional brothers. You cannot afford to be

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Dr. SoTJTHEY read the account of a case of Chronic Bright s

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was dressed with iodoform and the patient confined to bed. A

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the centre a deep well defined sharp undermined ulceration the size of a

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which has only been shaken since the last customer had it on.

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piece of yellow filk when thrown on white paper was a lucid

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The sulphides of arsenic if pure are usually considered

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synovial membrane is closed if possible. If a foreign body s pres

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kidney are the direct result of this increased blood supply and

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three weeks the pain in a great measure disappeared

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this study. The patients came from various parts of the Belgian

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Trommer s test is the one most generally employed. Occasionally

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ent. Our result correspond to the perfection of the

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the first and third exhibit reversible polarities for

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urethra during the operation and the left forefinger

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of men who are abnormally constituted in such wise that their sexual

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