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puration may ensue from the admission into the joint of encapsuled
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well performed and the book as a whole is a valuable addition
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The Management of the first two varieties has been suftieiently discuseted
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at Queen Anne street Cavendish square on December aged .
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made it evident that we did not have the recognized specific
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The use ascribed to these different muscles is that of
tents and no better measure of the proteolytic power of
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We know enough about the dreaded tuberculosis to say that
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arsenicalis when the tendency to produce acne is very decided. We are
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that symphyseotomy steps in and without materially in
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anaesthetic. The stimulant effect of morphia in its earlier
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their better elucidation and will altogether be most appro
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progressively grew worse until he had to be supported
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the maimed who will not merely be healed themselves but by
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Williams owes something to his predecessors Andersor
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plague some of them severe. One of them that of a French
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from its force being partially spent lodges among the bones.
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be possible for six weeks or more to say decidedly that
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in whole or in part the labours of the Legislature.
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numerous illustrations and hfe portraits of the most famous of
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of the trypanosomiasis cases pass into the stage of sleeping sickness
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sion or inspection of the vast system of public hot baths
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going home. The last atient shortly after developed and died of
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colon was decidedly haemorrhagic. Nos. and were killed
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tion with acetic acid. gt howed great cr resistance to its
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of the Secretion of Cerumen and its effects in rendering Auditory Perception
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for the ti eatment of communicable diseases. Others
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who were present at the time of the oper.ation and also those of
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I have every reason to believe that a perfect cure has been effected.
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ever been determined in the serum of similar nature to that
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the blood more forcibly in order to get it through the vessels. If
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Bigna to drops in sugar water once or twice at night to check
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tolic pressure the greatest increase noted being mm.
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that its visible granular particles are lodooo f i h in

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