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extended across the ciliary region above and below I put silk sutures

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Mayo Foundation University of Minnesota. Illustrated.

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tilled water before proceeding with the silver impregnation in No.. In

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tion of the Wake Forest Howler. In THE North Carolina Baptist Hospital

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from the anterior superior margin of the vertebra below so that

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unreasonableness true delusions of persecution often with fixed ideas and

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by attacking the respiratory centres of the brain when

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form of chronic interstitial myocarditis consequent per

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Two weeks ago. on waking in the morning these symp

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and there is no danger of tearing away the cuticle or producing an

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graphed bv the Pathological Department Harvard Medical School.

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important vaso motor fibres to the eye. Quain in his anatomy describes

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A careful and detailed histological examination showed the growth

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resisting powers of the individual also the peculiar difficulties

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dered or in aqueous solution blood decomposed and putrid by

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whereas in influenza the shin pains and relapsing type

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treatment of roaring have not proved satisfactory arytav

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Blake was due the credit of demonstrating the value of

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many places in consequence of the progress which the science of

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Crotonis Fructus Colocynthidis and Chlorate of Sodium when

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w rmstens gedankt sei. Au er den Bestandteilen des Jezekits Li nur

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tion to the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal April

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ment of our State University for they value their examination papers

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of these patients. That the lack of mucus was a factor

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for students to the lecture room. On either side of the

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ries have their wall composed of simply a single layer

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Microscopic appearance of Strongylui tetracanthus embedded m

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times classified with punctured wounds but thej are so

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