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All evaporators are nowadays well covered with asbestos con

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depot of Swiss cavalry decided to utilize turf as bedding. Dur

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the vapor upon the part desired to be operated upon. The impinging

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the bacteriological work of the last few years shows the innumerable errors

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and l itual costiveness in severe colds rheumatism lumbago

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usually protracted and many patients even though taken ill while in

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in the Pharmacopoeia. As an examiner in Materia Medica in

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due to the action of phosphate of soda on the muscular fibres themselves.

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tions that we term gout. There seems to be no doubt

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there was still a small quantity of serous discharge.

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kidneys and the bowel. Total nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen of the

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in rickets the stiff gait also reminds one of tetanus but tb

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chian tube or even applied exteriorly to the drum. At

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larvae and annelids. Not so however the geographical

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able fresh sterile tissue in serum water strict anaerobiosis a slightly

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first careful study of the growth describing it under the

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When directly of value in hysteria electricity doubt

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more within six months. The patients suffer intensely

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various.signs and refle.xes could not be determined

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weeks. In Rachford s cases the intervals varied from four to eight

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of Limulus loses its power to beat and to conduct beats if separated

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some distant part of the body there may be tubercular lesions of the

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the farmer if undetected because the local cotton has a higher

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from becoming buried in the integument. It was also

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will by fixing the rod at a greater or lesser distance from

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happy influence on this type of diphtheria intoxication

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of interrupted sighing respiration so often seen in hysteria.

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part of the body nor had he suffered from any previous

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whose object it is to teach young men and women how best

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The lactic acid bacteria act upon the lactose forming lactic acid

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On April th a blood count was made by Dr. Hancock which showed

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