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desirable. For women Neisser prefers ichthyol and urethral pencils. The

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in sub tropical and temperate climates. It has been observed that

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years in the quality of the paper clearness of the type

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tress distress however which it is hoped will relieve itself

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ity in a case coming under observation seven months

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one of the diseases amenable to remedy to the specialist in almost

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influential in producing paralysis Jiystero traumatism it need not

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mouth. It has a strong round green stalk with many joints

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that when monkeys are infected by intraspinal injection of cultures

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seriously affected when a superficial examination of the

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means let them read novels but whatever they did he would

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oj eration.s a very small constrictor should be used and

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doubt as to the bilaterality of the lesions laparotomy

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ces of its direct local action upon the gastro intestinal mucous

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precipitation of Na caseinate from their watery solution so that we

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Ijjied by transparent uninucleated cells others filled with unor

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Diazobenzene Arsonic Acid Aminobenzoic Acid. Only the fol

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Upon agar agar while first present as a diplococcus form it grad

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another during the attack the following complications were noted

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The main changes that have been found in this are a chronic

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quent degeneration of the nervous elements is found to a less degree

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the whole question to a special committee for consideration.

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soluble inhibiting substances in the blood with the property of

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