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there beinjj much sickness and general debilitv so that the
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whilst extending actively at the periphery are clear in the centre it is
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reduction until it has been hydrolysed. If this non reducing sugar
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stand how a careful and prolonged dissection through the over
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here the stroma is invaded by a mass of tubercle tissue
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Congenital Dislocation of the Hip. The special points of interest
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calized pain sometimes masked by complaints of pain
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mouth much more than there was immediate demand for.
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symptoms after what have been deemed full and adequate
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which are perhaps worthy of note. A male patient set
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stances by the medical department when it will be used solely for
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thought of laryngeal syphihs with consecutive oedema. Tracheotomy was performed.
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coats of the arterioles but they differed from him in
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Auburn High School Kirksville State Teachers College
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sugar which does not readily diffuse and sodium chloride which diffuses
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requested to present his paper to the Society for publication.
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Tuberculin in dispensary practice is used for diagnosis for
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in some main trunk until it meets with some narrowing
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deformity. They are both extremely curved anteriorly enor
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For nearly two years no records of this malady appear but in
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Americans wanted animals. We were after a time surrounded by a
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teaches but little in regard to cerebral hyperajmia. Its
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tomy are due to the surgeon not having completely re
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pils dilated with opisthotonos heart s action slow and reflexes
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in which legislation has kept in touch with public and profes
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tom. In many instances but one cap splits off. The newly hatched

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