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and also the secretaries of the local societies to do good work because

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on Industrial Medicine and Surgery. This committee was reorganized

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were discharged unrelieved and six cases died. No conclusions can

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his linen were impregnated with it. I am not sure whether he had

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fluid by thoracentesis is indicated if necessary for the relief of embar

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Becquerel s discovery of rays given off by uranium pitchblende

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Sir William Stokes truly says I have satisfied myself over

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The cardiac complications are also rare. In the height of the fever a

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In the first place Aschoff made a thorough study of the

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first studied in France was referred to the poisonous

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the Urine unlefs in a lupine Pofture a hecStic Fever and a

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circumstances of which the heat and moisture of the surround

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immediately a complete anatomy a complete physiology

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tion is the determining factor in such cases. The affection resists anti

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instances the existence of malignant infiltration of the lung may

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a man who had made mistakes who had faltered or run up

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gas others may have been equally unfitted for enduring the operation.

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nature. May I be allowed to refer to its accordance with certain

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retiexes. If one translated it into figures two thirds of these men might

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in contradistinction to that in general use the Faradic induced

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follows The Argyll Robertson pupils are still there

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principal sets of data Table are available for reference Walsham

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ly one of the most valuable improvements in the art of diagnosis made

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Proftssor of Materia Medica to Queen s C ollejie Honorary Pliysician to

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and the solidifying of the gall forms gall stones much as

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valuable periodical and if we can happily elicit from some

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feinnetzig gebaut erscheint. Es folgen dann vierkernige Stadien Taf.

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and towards the termination of the cases a liniment of ammo

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this attitude of mind caused the patient to believe that I had played

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