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in saturated aqueous picric acid then diS erentiated in a
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constantly recur in studying the statistics of fever furnished after June. The
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around us are a sufficient explanation. He referred lo the
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demand may even rise to a hundred. The diet of such a
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perfectly well man of him at least for three years after
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from urine examination as being indicative of i general
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ments carried into the blood which is associated with increased fullness
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small bright red pinhead sized hemorrhages scattered here and there.
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Statt die gemeinsamen Ber hrungsebenen von K und K zu suchen
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was taken as the test organism and was dried on silk fibres and
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pernicious of all the sarcomas as every case is characterized at some time
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sufficiently to carry off ihe vitiated secretions without pro
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Treatment. As our efforts to cure the dilatations are as yet ineffectual
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middle of December with appropriate exercises. It is intended to provide
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fairly refuted as a sound as well as a most important and ingenious
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During this session Prof. Yon Nussbaum has made numerous
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mitting otorrhoea for seventeen years. I saw him first on
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nowadays is to say that it fills a distinct want. The present
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opening the abdomen there was discovered in the peri
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rubbing nose parasites in discharge. Treatment injections trephining.
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Case No.. Contraction of Flexors of the Metacarpus
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from rotheln. I have more than once known practitioners of large ex
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pleted. One small vessel only required ligature the large
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and those to the right represent the cases in which it appeared later.
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the parts. But it has too often happened as the appended cases
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Muscular rheumatism occurs in several types the following being most
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vulsions in the albuminuria of pregnancy is far more frequent Why is
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solve ordinary phosphorus. When pure it is not ignited
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were as bad as when at home. The outbreak of the disease at
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First we have the reflex influence which follows immedi
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nausea and vomiting with increasing distension some rigidity
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become more and more indurated. Induration however is only
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from three to five quarts will generally be sufficient.
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the modem technique of antiseptic surgery. And the time is
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large towns of Great Britain nearly one fifth of the

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