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possibly controlled. The history and symptoms of a pa

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Barran t. Lomas c illustrates the care required in properly

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regular. From this observatioa it appeared highly desirable

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to antenria the arteries being small. The site of the ansemia

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sibly terminate with a brilliant surgical operation. The man

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arresting hemorrhage without the necessity of leaving any foreign body

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leflened. Hence when a part of the fkin acts violently as of

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vented the patient from taking much food because of

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tween blood and tissues proceeds according to the laws of gas diffusion


dangerous plant was replaced by a moderu sanitary one and cases

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factory reason for the growth could not be found. The organisms grown at

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the Peyerian lesion. But while I oppose the exclusion of the

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patent office or to the comptroller or to any other person

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quired for a cure. The first patient whom he treated in

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difeafe only occur when the patient endeavours to exert the natural

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March May September and October. Usually the vomit

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pleura which is almost invariably present in these cases. It

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sensitivity in human populations a summing up of recent

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uniform panicle close and leafy a much larger form later in the

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tional sensibilities but may yet become a necessary sanitary

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of treatment the bacilli totally disappear. He also stated

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collusion or something else not complimentary if it contains

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The Veterinary Journal London Der Zoologische Garten Frankfort

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