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and that the tendency to the produced disease should be

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is now chiefly remembered as the uncle of Astley Cooper who

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true streptococci as can be seen from their insolubility in bile. The

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tion selects a method of circumventing it and allows the

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Dr. John H. Schwab Bacteriology three years Toxic Prod

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well as home canning methods. We have not had an opportunity of

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patient would not bear thorough treatment a single in

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sort before operating. The skin over the tumor was in each case

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The author presumes that each agent although of opposite

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in the altitude examination of the Air Service. The system of rating

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the advantages which it furnishes us it has had some

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favoring higher medical education. Dr. Reynolds del

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and has remained well clinically and serologically with f vision in the

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gerous to turn when the woman is in a low condition.

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major in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum in the ganglion cells

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others that they are altogether different. There seems little doubt how

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factor in education the quality of the teachers. If the atti

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lost in it S sarcolemma apparently continued as part of the tendi

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exiHtingr methods of treatment witness the therapeutic innovations

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wild hogs from which the domestic reeds have taken their rise are

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metamorphosis in situ was due to a new pathological pro

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larged cervix uteri in a state of chronic hyperplastic

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proves of great benefit especially if there is any conjunctivitis

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rare indeed to be able to demonstrate them to a class and

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in the occipital lobe and is due to the direct pressure of the

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knowledge that is common to regular medical practitioners and

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