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to the reading of papers. Meetings will be held around the
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tant by making traction on two adjacent forceps re-
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Hcrihcd, iiichidinf^ a inicroHcopic. Htudy of the Hpinal
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breach and save tho.se that would otherwise be lost. I
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matics, etc., to the comprehension of tliat greatest
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tendency to post-operative adhesions ; rai)idity of
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Manchester 17.4, Salford 20.0, Bradford 14.7, Leeds 18.7, Hull
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ing more or less du-ectly on medical matters, without
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sitis ossificans progressiva, producing the ossified
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cases of eclampsia the convulsions first occur post-
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presence of a loose fragment (X). This fragment, flat
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(igment. Here and there in the connective tissue about
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plied to it, it had become harder and more fixed ; and
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and alcohol, were especially prone to a neuritis in
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wounded — if it did not "bring out the navy surgeons'
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"Arch. Internat. de Laryngol. d'Oto-Rhin., March-April, 1902.
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lands, tenements, rents, or hereditaments, or accepting
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of birth or fortune, and what the father found glass
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sustained all traces of the trouble will ordinarily
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eral Hospital to listen to this murmur with especial
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citizen, endangers the peace and safety of the state,
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Bxaraine the school children as often as the school
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(l5|Coiiservatism in the Treatment of Acute Mastoiditis. Bv
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same pig, was so extensively diseased that, fi'om this
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A. Stuart, assistant surgeon. Granted sick leave for two
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wliich are of as high grade as that of the New York
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?ft to die unattended, so that their associates nmy not
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the speech processes, but the practical teaching of
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causing death from respiratory failure. In the cases
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Dates, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 IC 17 18 19 20 21
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than it is at the present time, as will be seen from
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crease in the size of the tumor, or gradual increase
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showing the significance of various terms to the titles
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four to five days of very high fever, terminating in
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The instruiiHMiis are best sterilized by boilin<>;
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that time, to be good throughout. The tongue was pro-
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cases; other forms of cutaneous tuberculo.sis, such
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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,
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memljers of the Council of the Branch for the ensuing

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