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ments which cause forced dorsal extension of the toes

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seventeenth century still retains its health and vigour

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changes occur in the elbow and finger joints. The chief characteristic

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This case illustrates the importance of careful diagnostic

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and strikingly indicative of membranous or parenchyma

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On motion of Dr. Tewksbury Voted That the Connselfors be antftdr gt

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must act freely. Counter irritation applied to the neck is of question

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importance as regards recovery. Not only is this so but an examina

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The paroxysm is often preceded by a period of indifferent

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far apart from each other as possible and the intervening strip of

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To facilitate this the writer always makes it a point of parting the

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Sometimes the rapid or irregular action of the heart after slight

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of heightened blood pressure and the persistent rise of blood pressure

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mixture is transferred to an Erlenmeyer flask about c.c. capacity by means

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we must take leave of the doctor. There are few like

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evils. Without beating about the bush we may say that the auto

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venous injection of tartar emetic in certain stages of Malaria.

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quantities of extract to be injected yet it developed that in many

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Sanders Foreign Bodies in the Air passages with Bibliography

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Among the more unusual cases reported in this work is that num

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the strongest texture is required to withstand the wear and tear of the

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more often for months. This is especially true when the convulsions are

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nation. In most cases of nephritis without high pressure the blood

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Dr. Archer of Dublin drew off eleven pints at once by

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neck the umbilical vesicle also extends upwards. The heart

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step into a fortune and be famous. Years may pass ere you

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ceit induces him to think that he is the only animal capa

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sion to the labyrinth is probable and the risks of deeper

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increase viscosity. Opitz demonstrated that the infu

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the infirmary the movement of the shoulder still slightly de

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equal length and well up to the floor above. One door is the

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diced against the system or practice because the founder was deficient

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