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Inequality of the pupils in disease of the thoracic aorta may depend on

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ary changes. It may be thinned from pressure of the granulomatous

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preference is due the fact well established by statistics that women

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Bowling s method of diagnosing typhoid fever as it prevailed in

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one out of fifty of the population of our insane asylums

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adapted to their nature and mode of life. In summer they

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functional murmur that it is decidedly exceptional and that

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multiple sclerosis Leeser. During the cessation of breathing

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neglected to resort to quinine on account of its bitterness and from

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of thousands who paid their yearly instalments till on

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In castrating cryptorchids it is of the greatest importance to avoid

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twin heifers is often barren. Bulls or cows that are too

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which ia the first published in an English text book of this ingenious

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the horizontal portion is concave to form the roof of the

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may in jears produce a growth of bone which is equal to

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done to a very limited extent just the amount required

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like a muzzle. As a rule the animal inhaled precisely

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have resolved therefore to furnish to the members and the institu

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