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persons who have no claim upon the charity of llie profession and the

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the first place intrathecally as this method would seem to possess

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to be fed during the last period which was pounds of

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which he is inclined to attribute the corresponding peculiarity in speech.

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bad teeth of the third or fourth degree in the lower jaw. With

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fectant action may be tried and for this purpose is recom

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Although possibly suspected by some of his predecessors nevertheless

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and will very darkly apprehend. Yet these objects are above

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dual she had never had any fevers gout or rheumatism and the

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the use of cold baths. A cathartic diminishes swcatingj a

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and the stomach irritable. Treatment has now occupied

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To calm excitement and diminish the intensity of the inflam

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when other horses were fed he pawed and called for his feed. I

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cess and Fibrous Phthisis. The Society now numbers we believe

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sarily so for the general practitioner. A very good index is included.

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masses varying in size from that of a pin head to a

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after eating the vomitus contains coffee ground mate

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the patient at times was quite delirious. The urine

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There is no pain or tenderness. On deep pressure on the

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painful peristalsis of different portions of the bowel.

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apomorphine gr. to J the stomach tube if necessary white of egg

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