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Upon motion of Dr. J. T. Burrus, the report of the Committee
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if the acute stage, in spite of the increasing paralj'sis, be treated at
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One of the reasons which they give is the fact that in cases of
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Among the symptoms more or less common to poisons are
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ceptional. It is important not to allow the patient to escape from its first in-
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not be too severely condemned. Pharmacists made errors,
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at Guy's Hospital, and he rather gathered that it originated in the Throat
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town, Ky., to Camp Meade, Pa., and report to the commanding
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kofer's observation, above stated, of the greater absorption of
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ton in gastro-enterostomy, as it has always seemed to
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very thick-walled gall-bladder was exposed. In the small central cavity
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knee bend under him ; subsequently, in getting out of bed, his legs
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ducts always leads to an overgrowth of the connective tissue in the liver
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Thirst unabated always developes symptoms of general irrita-
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a jar, will often rupture a small renal blood-vessel, usually a
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slight and brief stimulation of the motor nerves of the
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by gastric juice in half an hour (Straus and Wurtz).
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and the value of keeping them tightly screened, and how to "hand-
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it to sleep without falling. The remarkable manner in which
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deriving your first Impressions of the sounds to be heard by auscultation,
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single cyst occupying the whole of one side of his neck,
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ently sound adult with chill, pain in the side, cough, headache, rapid
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ther consideration, however, the thought was suggested that
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comma bacilli form colonies of a perfectly characteristic
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Suffice it to say, that the scrotum is invagi'nated into the inguinal
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with a dose of T.E. 3-51^0 mg. This has been increased gradually and
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tion will follow the general architectural plan of the
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arid not the produce of distillery slops — neither can it be watered.
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BETWEEN Eczema and an Affection Resembling Eczema of the
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G. He should not expect to succeed at the first seance
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Children. From the Medical Record, Dec. 11, 1S97. By Louis Fischer, M.D., New York.
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Dr. Austin Peters, veterinarian, as first assistant. Much
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the youngest and most thoughtless of students, that, whatever
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observations, and thej' have not since been resumed.
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The experience of the past three years has proved beyond question
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