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many areas (usually round and indiscriminately distributed

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least warning he started to bite her. The combined efforts of two

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the shoulder. Reduction. Mitral insutHcieney. Do.se

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Here we have a narrow, possibly tortuous, cavity, lined on the

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ination of the spinal fluid are better guides than the blood test and

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and H. 0. Mosenthal. On the control of .the symptoms of

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conditions we must place our quarantine on a higher and more

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to the Boston City Hospital, and made a good recov-

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Foster, B. An account of Dr. 'I liaddeus Maccarty, 301.

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to excessive proliferation, may more easily tell upon

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This is an advance work ahead of the times. It is based upon

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Harry Morton Hawkins. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1017 N. Bdway.

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quently the vaccine contained very few of these organisms.

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to contain the necessary laboratory equipment, hydro-therapeutic

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tact. Here we can best train social workers who may co-operate

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ing the principles and practice of homoeopathy in our colleges, not

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generations of a medical family. — Bulletin of the Medical and

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From that time on the fever declined slowly, and at 6 p. m.

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■ The early years of the. Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Johns Hopkins

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respiration, and there was no friction sound to be heard. There

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large number of cases were recently investigated in

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where the tube is hopelessly destroyed, the greatest

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It is no small task to overturn theories and conditions that have

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salar.v of a health officer in the rural districts of

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is felt a heavy, dull, constant ache in the region of the gall bladder

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tine plate and in the needle-point culture, we observe the same

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Wabben R. Sissox. A critical review of intestinal bacteriology in

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fanticide, etc., with the circumstances attendant upon violent

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•object is good ; it is well meant, but it overshoots the mark. After

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Drs. Ruth Barker Coles and William W. Coles, formerly Assistant Phy-

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elevated temperature, yellow sallow appearance of the skin, at

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