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a better system of organized public charity than New York. These
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may be removed without opening the common duct, which is deep and
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in men, and is especially likely to be excited at the age of puberty,
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disturbed that he is capable of pursuing his daily occupation, or there
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bile. A fatty liver is likely to be found in persons eating excessively
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I believe that the early experience of lithotrity in this country
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its maximum in the first few hours, whilst in measles it mounts steadily
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in the writing as much as in the speech. The dropping out of letters,
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may all coexist in a case of hemorrhage. Spasmodic contractions and
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disease generally occurs in adult life, and has been found rarely in chil-
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a groove between the anterior pyramid of the medulla and the posterior
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tonitis, death usually occurs : on the other hand, the local irritant influ-
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off of small portions of the clot. When in young children the longitudinal
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a pulmonary cavity. It may also enter in consequence of the advance of
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nine, and numerous other remedies, have been from time to time com-
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the ulceration of Peyer's glands revealed at the autopsy, or the bacilli
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occurring very frequently in groups of cases in successive generations.
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doses of from ten to fifteen grains, but care is necessary to avoid its too
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during twelve hours, without producing the slightest effect. He was
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PROGNOSIS. In melancholia the probabilities of cure are in direct
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pulse, the cord-like character of the artery suggesting a sclerosis of its
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sistent, the epigastrium may be blistered. When they are periodical,
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With plumbic acetate the first vomit is often white and curdy (lead chlo-
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This disease may be with propriety noted in this place because the
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nance, and the wave is often to be seen when the abdominal walls are
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serious derangements are dependent upon the progress of the anaemia
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glands were the sole significant lesions. As a rule, the enlarged lymph-
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of the skin or of the pharynx, or when the bacilli of tuberculosis are
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days, followed by a period of invasion which in most of Steiner's in-
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recurring acute laryngitis, exposure of the neck and frequent ablutions in
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