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and dilatation of the ascending aorta the murmur may be very harsh or

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correcting the scoliosis raising the left shoulder depressing the right shoulder

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AA Princeton Universitv MD Columbia University College ol Physicians and Surgeons.

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slightest importance. Polyandry indeed as an institu

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cause of coma but that some cases in particular those

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Kerr Harry D. BS Maryville College MD Temple University .

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Subseapularis Origin from greater part of subscapular

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Dr. J. Logan Irvin Biochemistry five years Inhibition of

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necessary to examine the opinions of a large number whose names

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cord to the legs without affecting any muscles between

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to the deaf a much hicrher standard of attainment. Watson

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catarrh dysentery or tuberculous deposit makes no difference in the

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Cisti d echinococco del fegato processo operativo di Liu

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acquires a tolerance and does not respond accurately.

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some cases of slight hydrocephalus delivery may be effected without

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each group may be identified. It may be well to state at this

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portion of the stump destroyed by the ligature separated. Urine was

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Moreover it is sometimes a symptom of organic disease of

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Tunnicliff have likewise shown that the rise and fall of the opsonic

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slowing of the apical rate was somewhat later in du

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initial or dry stage of acute bronchitis along with

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cases of diphtheritic and croupy inflammation in severe fevers and exanthemata

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that the case against the original Latinity of our author has yet

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Xo. showed slight oedema after twenty four hours amounting

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crever contra a diabetes segundo as novas theorias dessa molestia.. Propriedades

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with severe derangement. The beginning is usually a tightness

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oma of the cervix may be distinct the tissue beyond may appear

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metritis as for instance a metritis from abortion and labors. The

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described by Dr Henderson in the paper already referred to. A

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