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important part. The whole frozen area is permeated with lymph and

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hitherto been published, as examples of the luxation in question, resulting from

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flushed. Pulse 102, very weak. For some days previously he had noticed slight

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In examination after death from chronic n^l piles can be removed at the one time,

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tions which cause rheumatism, i. e., acids and other irritating

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of the law will be hereafter amended, and a more adequate compen-

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The patient was found emaciated, feeble, practically

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remarlvs as tlie result of my own observation and experience: While

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traction ring could be felt. The child presented by the head and feet.

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in the lateral reticular formation, some fine bands of fibers

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destroyed on both sides. Irritation of the subjacent medullary fibres,

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swelling of the gallbladder, the majority were highly

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doctrine. This rule I was careful to observe in the

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Dr. Sichel, the oculist, describes, in Z' Union Medi-

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this way punctured, which subsequently proved to be the recto-

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swollen. There was a thick, grayish coating to the tongue and palate ; the

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the cervix be perfectly contracted and hard, though there

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persistent irritability, great resistance to the administration of food, little

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This wull probably relieve the nervous symptoms as effec-

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recommends red iodide of mercury in the algide stage, and Chosky cyanide of

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however, none the less vigorous, and alive to its duties. Its means of

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substance pass into the third ventricle, where they become mixed

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Turpentine, Oil of.— Carminative — H. & C, oz. 1-2 (cc. 30.-60.). Sh.

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condition, so in October of the same year a supravaginal hysterectomy, with

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tion, caused by (I believe) gall-stones. Another was a

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attributes of Dauersporen, for the spirochseta itself dies at the temperature of

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stant accessions of men who are generally inclined to

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