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^rds the rash, but the nervous symptoms are more marked
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5 regularity and sufliciencj' in the evacuations. The means whicii
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delay. We hope, that they will, in due time, be given, with liberal interest.
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tended through the translation of his work by Corvisart
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and easily recognisable" (Cliflford Allbutt's System of Medicine, vol. iv. pp. 172 and
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2. Dr. xManson again begs the question in this: that, instead
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is of inestimable value. The ordinary dose of antitoxin for a child of
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Leipz., 1888, ix, ] 61-103.— Ooltlschniidt (F ) Erythro-
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argues strongly that his researches tend to prove that
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to time occur, both in the lectures and in the course of your
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'CO-DELTRA' and ‘CO-HYDELTRA' are the trademarks of Merck & Co., Inc.
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sweetish, astringent, afterwards metallic, taste. Efflorescent
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of sanitary science — bacteriology, etiology, histology and
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The history given by his friends was that on June 10 (forty-

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