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the dietaries in the leading British hospitals renders the paper of very
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plete septum is formed. As most mammals have ribs ap
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between small pox and vaccinia. Not much resemblance
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have no right to assume that every foreign body in the lung
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of the bile iuto the stomach sometimes observed with food that is
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are possibly responsible for the blood condition Kullmann.
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Army Regulations will govern the question of increased compensation. Under no
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contraction of the bronchial muscle. Is it peripheral Is it central
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bnmd as an introduced contagious typhus into the list of exanthema
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Such was the report of this man whom we had treated seven
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The anterior flap is first to be freed from the temporal
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We next prescribed such remedies as contribute to promote the se
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its former course until the patient s death on April .
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link with which they are catenated and from which they take their
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fancy. The causes which have retarded the study of this science ana
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We will now consider the classes of patients who die from pneu
state of natural sleep overtakes him through sheer weariness. There
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for after so long an interval since removal of the primary growth
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out and tubercle bacilli were decnonstrated in the broken down gland tissue. At
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Great Britain. He based his conclusions on the returns of
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Physicians may obtain sample ampoules upon application.
object it was to return a man who wotdd best promote the
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between masses of lymph. It is noteworthy that in four of these cases
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micrococci he regarded these organisms as the chief cause of the necrotic developments.
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ferent hue. For this purpose I introduced a few drops of vine
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by one who has done so much to throw light ujwn the
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able to the detection and observation of fixed or floating
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Treatment. The first indication is the removal of the proximate
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of services. Practical knowledge along these lines will enable

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