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brought before the stipendiary magistrates of recent years through
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healthy man forty four years old who was struck in the
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ascertainable causes so far as practicable we are compelled to resort to
tender our sincere thanks to all who have contributed to that
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During the succeeding days there were several copious
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was emphasized in future epidemics of influenza. The
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very interesting giving much information about Clydesdale and Per
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subject he is not unduly carried away by every ephemeral
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Since then the remedy has been tried in numerous other instances with like
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amount evacuated pints Q pints pints ounces recovery iu days.
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therefore considered non operable recovered after resec
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from distant countries grows milder the longer it stays with
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he is expected to quote it as the authority gives it.
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How does the cautery act By destroying the infective
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July and August. Eleven per cent were admitted during September.
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therefore a better operation than total extirpation. The
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at Windsor the medical officer who had taken part in the proceed

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