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in a diseased state of the internal or villous coat of that
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this w ork long recognized as a standard hand book whether as
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oxygen on alternate days. Records were made of the same indi
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foUowiag extract from the New Otieane Medieed Journal is a suffi
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of many intelligent gentlemen with whom I have conversed. The Cots
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lung was consolidated and the lower border has been
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out. But the simple record without the aid of argument fixes this
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mania. I am not sure however that some consolation is not to be
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Glasgow where his distinguished career in anatomy espe
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students were selected one each from Columbia University
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pital Attendance Examinations and Lectures thus accomplishing
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Avater which I had poured into a saucer we will ap
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relation of anatomy physiology and pathology of the nervous system with clinical
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the oesophageal glands are situated in the substance of the mucous mem
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to call a veterinarian immediately as the treatment of wounds of this
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as many another has shown that the so called cardinal symptoms are in
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Acute tuberculosis occurs at all ages. Among forty cases observed at
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on the patient with as little use of the agent as possible
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hides and other parts of the carcass also require attention. Since
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Children with scrofulous enlargement of the lymphatic
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dimensions of the pelvis.. The indication for Caesarean section
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fessor of Pharmacologic Therapeutics and Instructor in Medicine
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to prevent their growth they multiply. The diphtheria germ under favorable
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takes place in due course in some cases caries or necrosis
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times styled inorganic ferments. Through the kindness
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solution of chloretone or sterile water. He sterilizes his solution for
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cured of the deformity went to support this view. Mr. White ni

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