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tliat id" tlie younu' animals wliile still siickliiiLr.
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Roland S. Kieffer, St. Louis (1950); L. F. Heimburger, Spring-
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3. McCracken, J. P.; Owen P. S.. and Pratt, J. H.: Gout:
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The respiration chamber of the Pennsylvania apparatus is con-
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WANTED: Physician for resident in hospital. Private
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movement, the same certificate shall be required as if the shipment were destined to a
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netinsr nervous mechanisms, as for example m the ease of the submaxil-
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the first or the second source and the activity was as great in the agar
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The cattle shall be free from ticks {Boophilus annulatua) and shall not have been
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wood, size 2 ly 4 inches, laid flat side down and fore-and aft, placed 12 Inches, 14 Inches,
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crops — ^the so-called coarse fodders — and on the other, of those man-
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entry. Where a breed has no book of record in the United States,
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u'.'ii is no <l..nlit tin- r.'sult of the partial starvation in which tli.' pa-
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obvious then, by definition, that the scope of this
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which the two points ean he distintruished over different areas of the
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pear that they have some lesion of the spinal cord may know that if
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jrrco of liiciillzdliim of fiiiitlliiii in the eerehelhim. or at least that certain
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same being corner of pasture fence ; thence east with the north line of Sections Nos. 6, 9,
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sputum. The radial pulse was regular in frequency and rhythm; the vessel
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As has been stated, the bone is the principal tissue involved. The
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mittee's visit, and this observation was repeated at other times during the Investigation.
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with that of the city. The water is also derived from the city supply,
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adviser, expert in hog breeding, with seven assistants, one for each
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pleasant. There is, however, room for improvement in the facilities for the personal
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evitable. One wonders, however, in how many cases of
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City. Members of committees reporting to the Council
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Monday, March 15, 1948, 1:30 p. m. — Gold Room, Jefferson Hotel
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BxpERiMENT I (b). — ^December 2, 1916. Injection of an emulsion in physi-
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. Irate, which nets liy pr.iteetin'_' the in-.'t.'in of tli.' Ii.mIv fr.im .li'^iiitet.'ra-
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' regulations are much more stringent than those of the Germans, and meat which is made
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changes and prominent ducts. In such lobules the insular tissue does not
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the tissues will 111 found almost if mt entirel.\- fr if ud.v col'.-ii.
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Apparatus, and Hugh H. Young Urological X-ray Tables
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no particular change in the bone density as far as any de-
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of six 0.5 Gm. tablets, available in boxes of 1, 5, 25 and
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Klenk, Charles L St. Louis Langhus, Melvin O. ..North Kansas City Love, Joseph Wooding Springfield
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xanthine and livpoxanthine, which are oxidized to uric acid hy .rnnthhif-
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