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Each of the volumes noted above contains an index of subjects as

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senteric glands, &c. are among the frequent accompaniments of the fever,

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the Historical, Economic, and Linguistic Sciences. They regret

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culties and dangers attending it. Nitrous oxide, ether,

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spinal centres. J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis., N. T., 1881, n. s.,

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had never thought of before. EecoUect what his symptoms were at

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amen, situated at the apex of the cone, transmits the

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in any tedious or protracted delivery. He will not realize that these

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sugar content and a high degree of purity. In this the sugar

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from seven to ten weeks, and from sixteen to twenty weeks. Average

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changes proteids into peptones in neutral or alkaline

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noticed in the milder and uncomplicated cases and in subjects of

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common site is the foot or the hand, but it has been observed else-

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males than females. The analysis of my cases with reference to occnpa*

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The author makes the following experiment upon the dead subject. If the cut

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ly normal. The right ovary was 3 cm. by 6 cm. in size,

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should the stomach reject medicines, nourishvnent, or botli, we direct

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Cheney Wecolators, or Wheelchair Lifts and Wheelchair Van Lifts, contact your

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prepared tlie most important progress in Surgical Therapeutics.' '

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Lucet 1905, in the domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo domestica) ; L. neavi

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tor, who then repeats the examination, demonstrates to him

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the paroxysm by arresting one of its phenomena. Moreover, venesection is

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Dr. Peters said the point of interest to him was that the cyst had

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tion of calculi. This method of study he considered of the

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carpo-falangea posteriore completa del dito mignolo della

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occurring in the course of scarlatina. This fact will account for an

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subject, he informed me that experiments similar to those of Dr. Mitchell

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and upon entering the apartment, they found the woman seated on

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mind. It and its sight are so complex and so closely re-

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quantity of cerebrospinal fluid the serum is ready to be warmed and injected.

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My examination of the patient at this time discovered

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teaching, as also in examination of candidates. It may be said

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