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with violent nightly pains, not relieved under allopathic treatment

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and the hospital destined to send forth annually practitioners to every

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abstinence in fever. This was one of the errors which sprung from

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power is considerable he overcomes, for the time being, his own as

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J. P. D., Cal. — The Publications of the Mass. Hom. Med. Society have not

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should never be lost sight of in the treatment of influenza, for it

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corrofive Properties, confume Excrefccnctes , and cat

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To be serious, we have never met in a reputable journal an3^thing

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Notwithstanding many of the members of the above Societ}^ were

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patient presented all the symptoms of collapse, — great muscular pros-

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trophic affections, with no disease or affection of

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Both hemorrhage and pain are worse when the stool is loose.

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of which this very Beautiful Plant will fpring up e-

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• " On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Chest," by W. Stokes, M.D.

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same way as you press the thigh bone against the acetabulum when you

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influence could be seen in the modified therapeutics and more liberal

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extremities. Have you not also seen, in the cases of peritonitis, gastric

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added potato, onion and fruit in some cases. Little butter was used

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such thorough, practical application as shall rid the world of a most

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nosologists, be accurately acquainted with certain groups of symptoms,

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the three coats were separated from each other by areolar tissue, loose

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of treatment could a favourable issue have been brought about. The

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among the inhabitants of marshy districts ; and the remark made with

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found that our Kaflir soldiers, who acted as pioneers, were comparatively

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Thomas, Edgar B., M.D., 119 W. 9th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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and a half is both unnatural and injurious. Every child should be weaned when nine

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much benefit would accrue from reverting to the old system, and em-

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The systematic relationships of this organism or of these organisms,

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On motion, a copy of Dr. Russell's paper was requested for publi-

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Dr. Walker, of Chelsea, had found the alternate application of

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Pray, who would, or who could, wear spectacles, then? "

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muscular tremors. I therefore wrote to Dr. M'Dowel, and begged him

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caufe it leems to be invincible , or not to be truer,

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F. Standish Bradford, M.D., 112 Fourth Avenue, New York city.

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appears from the following editorial paragraph in the Medical Gazette,"^

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flammation of a low and cachectic nature, affecting primarily the skin and

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